PLACARD, various placards displaying the same message of general use, as part of 'BUITEN', an art trail by SANTO and S.M.A.K., Ghent, 2018

Eindejaarstentoonstelling 10 X 10, Ten alumni from the department of Architecture and Urban Planning University Ghent go into dialogue with the work of students, 29 june, 2-6 july, 24-29 september 2018

CONCRETE BOAT, part of the permanent collection of the Verbeke Foundation, starting 28 of august 2017

ANOMALIES - "possibilities and impossibilities through deviation", site-specific installation in the context of exhibition and discussion evening "The Art of how to Waste Space", ATTIK, GHent, 22nd of december 2016

Expo 85, blitz group exhibition featuring 15 artists, Ghent, 22nd - 23rd of april 2016

Beaufort 2015, concept Kunsthut in group exhibition, Sint-Rochus church, Blankenberge, 21st of june until 21st of september 2015

LittleVixen, pop-up store, Ghent, 14th & 15th of march 2015

VANGST, pop-up store, Ghent, 5th - 23rd of december 2014

helen b & vrienden, temporary shop and creative space, Ghent, 8th of november until the end of december 2014

Bast, temporary exhibition in high-end interior store, Berlare, 24th - 25th of may 2014

De Invasie van Amsterdam, design convention, Amsterdam, 2nd until 4th of may 2014

Artismundo, expo in art gallery, Brussels, 19th of march until 2nd of april 2014

Antwerp Fashion Festival, temporary exhibition inpop-up store Atelier Aangenaam, Antwerp, 13th of september 2013

Twiggy, temporary exhibition in high end fashion store, Ghent, 10th of august 2013 until 10th of february 2014

Rewind, temporary exhibition in high end fashion store, Ghent, 15th of june until 3rd of august 2013

Les Filles Et Les Chiens, Designer Days Ghent, temporary exhibition in high end fashion store, Ghent, 25th of february until 24th of april 2013

10 x 10  

Verbeke Foundation  

Expo 85  


De Invasie van Amsterdam  

Rewind Store  

De Invasie van Amsterdam