Marge realizes projects which scan the border of architecture and what appears to drop right next to it. Steven Schreurs and Thomas Roelandts, two young architects who are searching – with a somehow sarcastic eye- to transcend pure formal or functional exercises, in order to provide an integrated answer to form, function and meaning. One of many answers, sometimes alienating, illogical or somehow comical; always relevant.

Marge is on the edge of things. Marge is in between two things, without exclusively belonging to one, or both of them. Marge slips through the maze of definition. Marge is a scribble in the margin. Marge is like waiting. Marge is useless. Marge is relevant. Marge is a catalyst to make situations happen. Marge resists against horror vacui. Marge is asphalt washed in orange sodium-light. Marge is melancholic. Marge is everywhere. MARGE likes to drink coffee and hopes you do too, feel free to contact us.

Photo: Leen Van Severen