A hole in the sky II

Renovation of a sloped roof and underlying rooms and terrace

Ghent, 2018-..., private client

If you just keep taking the stairs and keep going up in a terraced house, then you are suddenly in a place between gutter and ridge, under a sloping roof, a place above the street, where the terraced house becomes a little bit like an apartment. There is more light and the view changes from the face-to-face relationship with the underlying street, to a rooftop landscape, something with depth and possibly a view. You have to do something for it, because sloping roofs are rather closed. For example, you can make a hole in it.

A hole is essentially empty. The hollow thing only gets its materialization on the edge, where it stops being a hole. The hole is as wide as the house. In this way a large window can be as wide as the house. At the front, the hole has been somewhat withdrawn, by way of a railing and in order not to seek a conflict with the gutter. The hole does not just go to the ridge. It also stops there a bit earlier. All borders of the hole get the same color; window, bottom of roof, insulated wall, outside cupboard; so there can be no doubt about it, the edge of the hole is clearly materialized. The window kinda does what it does and skips a corner. It partially folds away from the hole. This creates a canopy. The window can be opened in the corner. Behind it is a stage to linger. The stage connects to the same level as the terrace. Descending with two steps you are in the bedroom. Away from the inventoried street scene, the roof is raised somewhat there. The street scene was there all the time, behind the roof tiles. Now you can see it through the hole.

Stabimi (structure)


view of the hole  

view towards the hole